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Welcome to the speaker knowledge base.

Welcome to the Let's Get Digital Speaker Knowledge base! Here you can find useful information and resources for being a speaker with Let's Get Digital.

Pre-event checks

Please follow the important pre-event checks listed below:

Download & open Google Chrome

We highly recommend using Google Chrome as your main browser when using Let's Get Digital as it is optimised for our software.

Test your Microphone & Camera

Prior to the event, it is important to check that your microphone & camera work within your virtual room.

Test your network connection

Test the upload & download speed of your network connection:

  • The minimum requirements for HD video (720p and 30FPS) presenting are 8 Mbps download/2.5 Mbps upload.

  • The recommended requirements for HD video (720p and 30FPS) presenting are 8 Mbps download/6 Mbps upload.

Read more about upload speeds required for a live stream: Here

Testing suite

The Testing suite completes a basic check of you system and detects some of the common issues that may occur:

  • Platform services check

  • Video test

  • Session services check, including a browser and webcam check.

  • Frequently asked questions concerning common issues.

Enter the testing suite


Is a VPN/company network supported?

We don't recommend using a VPN. Since Let's Get Digital is using video and audio services it needs to use more traffic than a regular website. Most VPN or company networks are blocking this by default. We would recommend not using a VPN or company network.

I don't use a VPN/company network but it is still not working

Please double-check if you are using the right browser and if you have the most up to date version. The platform is most compatible with Google Chrome and the latest version can be downloaded here.

I can't activate my camera

Make sure that you have given permission to the browser to stream your video/audio.

I don't have login credentials

Please get in touch with your event organiser to provide you with information about your Login credentials.

Is your solution missing?

Call the general Event Helpdesk: +31 50 211 0 666 (NL) +44 13 1608 1614 (UK) +49 30 8878 9704 (DE)

Please note: that we can not answer event-specific questions on this line.

How many speakers can be active at one point

We advise not to have more than 8 active speakers simultaneously to guarantee the quality of the session. If you want to have speakers active, ensure that a moderator enables and disable the audio and video of speakers to activate them.

In tiled mode, the last 9 active speakers are displayed by default. This number can be increased up to 16 in the workspace settings. When content is shown on screen, up to 4 active speakers are displayed alongside the content.

Useful resources

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