🍴Session tools

Enable session interaction to enable users to use emoticons during sessions.

As a speaker, you have control of the session with the use of the speaker bar displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Note: the speaker bar may have been disabled by your event organiser.

Countdown timer

Within a session there will be two timers:

Session start timer

Before a session starts a countdown timer will appear in the speaker bar letting the speaker know when the session will begin. Once the time has reached '0' the session will automatically begin and the timer will transform into the time left timer;

Time left timer

Once the session has started the timer will convert automatically into a session end timer notifying speakers how much time is left in their session.

Session Interaction

The audience of the session can interact with speakers using their own session interaction bar.

This is not visible from the view of a speaker

The audience can give feedback to the session, send emojis that show on the screen and access the CTA buttons that have been created for a session

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