Call to action

Call to action (CTA) can be used in programme items to generate additional leads or provide users with a link to external sources or materials.

CTA and session state

When the 'Admin' button is selected, the session tools will be displayed:

Session state

The session state displays the current state of the session.
Furthermore, a speaker is enabled to select a different sate of the session. For example, when the current state is live, the speaker has the option to switch to waiting room or to stop the session:

Call to action

In the CTA tab, the planned CTA's are displayed:

Manage CTA

Manage the planned CTA by clicking the three dots. The options are:
  • Send now
  • Edit
  • Remove


Click the 'Add CTA' button to create a new CTA.
Fill in the fields as applicable. The settings are explained at the top of this page.

End results

Participants will see the following pop-up if enabled:
CTA can also be accessed from the bar shown at the bottom of their screen: