Q&A's in sessions (VP)

Questions can be asked by attendees in the Q&A tab in every session.

Within all sessions in Let's Get Digital, there is an option to display a Question & Answer tab, that allows users to ask questions to the speaker publicly or anonymously and the speaker to answer.

Note: The Q&A's module has to be enabled by the event organiser. Please contact them to activate this feature.

The Q&A's can be exported as an Excel file. Please contact the event organiser for more information.

End result

Select a question and click 'Answer now' to notify attendees that the question is being answered. A pop-up with the question will be displayed on the right side of the session. The status of the question will change from 'hidden' to 'answering now'.

When the question is marked as answered, the status of the question will change to 'answered'. The answered question can be viewed by attendees.

Note: One question can be answered live at the time. The live question will be marked as answered when another question is marked to answer now.

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