📊Polls in sessions (VP)

Engage participants with polls by creating custom polls for the audience during a session.

Note: The polls module has to be enabled by the event organisation. Please contact them to activate this feature.

In the virtual environment

The 'Poll' tab is displayed on the right side in sessions.

Creating a poll

  1. Complete the 'Add poll' fields as described (a question and at least two options are mandatory fields).

  2. Enable the option to allow for multiple choices if desired.

  3. Click on 'Add poll'.

Editing and deleting polls

Each poll has four options displayed when clicking the three dots in the bottom-right corner for each poll:

End result

Select a poll and click 'Start poll' to start the poll. A pop-up with the question and options will be displayed on the right side of the session. The status of the poll will change to 'now live!'.

When the poll is stopped, the status of the poll will change to 'completed'. Completed polls can be restarted by clicking the 'Start poll' button.

Note: One poll can be active at the time. The live poll will be stopped when another poll is started.

Users cannot change their vote once they have submitted their initial vote.

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